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PLCA – BCH Submission to enquiry.


Fort Queenscliff

Please download and read the PLCA’s submissions to the Council on community views on draft Fort Queenscliff Tourism Precinct Master Plan

PLCA Fort Feedback

Do you support the proposed vision[2]

Fort commentary

This contextualises our responses above:

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Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve

See current status in News page.  Click here:  News Page

Springs Beach Re-Opened.

springs11 springs10 springs12 springs14 springs15

Springs Beach Access closed – Construction Works.

9/6/15 Nearly there!

springs1 springs4 springs3 springs2

17/5/15 Construction pictures

IMG_20150515_090430 IMG_20150507_153758 IMG_20150515_090425 IMG_20150507_153801 IMG_20150515_090421 IMG_20150515_090438

The Springs Beach Access on Cnr. Lawrence Road & Bowen Rd is closed for Construction Works:

(info here:  )

Project Info and drawings etc are here:


Please note Pedestrian Access is also restricted – you’ll need to go around to back of Pt.
Lonsdale Oval to access the Promenade.



Walking Path Construction – Arcare to Fellows Rd.

IMG_20150329_141651 IMG_20150329_141644 IMG_20150329_141640

(update: 23/4/15)

arcare_path1 arcare_path2

Part of Stage 3A of  “The Point” Development, is a Walking Track from Arcare Nursing Home eventually to The Springs, first part will be to Fellows Rd.

New Light Poles –  main street.

IMG_20150330_110336 IMG_20150330_110326


Look No Poles!

IMG_20150312_091357 IMG_20150312_091354 IMG_20150312_091402

Poles have just been removed from Point Lonsdale Rd from Admans St to Kirk Rd.

Looks much better!

(In case you’ve forgotten, this is what is WAS like..)


Emily St Weir Construction

The works have finished at Emily St Pond, in Pt Lonsdale. The works were to construct a Weir, Pump and associated works to mitigate the flooding in the nearby streets that has been an issue for some years.

The CoGG spent in the vicinity of $300,000 to construct the Weir and associated works.

Local Residents have reported so far so good with the improved drainage around the “Hollywood Estate” after heavy rain. No issues have been reported to us.

Here are some pictures taken  of the completed Weir and footbridge, control cubicle (monitored by by CoGG) and finished earthworks.




Main Street and Foreshore Revitalisation

The roundabout at the corner of Admans Street and Point Lonsdale Road has been constructed and will be finished off with plants in the Autumn.  The works on the foreshore have been delayed by unseasonably heavy rain but it is expected that the area in front of the shops will be completed before Christmas.  The work at the northern end of the foreshore has ceased and the site will be tidied up in the short term but is expected to be completed in February.

Public consultation regarding the foreshore vegetation is expected to commence in January and will run for two months.